Online Survey Jobs

Online Survey Jobs

Some of our visitors have asked whether online survey jobs are legit or scam? Honestly online surveys are not scam but I have seen a lot of people are promoting them as a way to make a lot of money and scamming people. These companies are charging to provide a list of survey panels. These survey panels are free to join then why you pay for them.

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Click here for online jobs in India. Stay away from people and sites that ask for money or membership fee. These are nothing but scam. Frankly speaking there are not many survey panels that are available for Indian consumers. However, there are some free and legitimate survey panels for Indians that you can join and make some extra money by sharing your honest opinions.

We have listed some of the survey panels that are available for Indians below:

Indian Opinions Survey Panel: This is new survey panel and currently looking for new members.

Toluna India Survey Panel: This is another survey panel that is available for Indian members. Join Toluna India and get paid for sharing your opinions and views about the products and services that you use and buy.

Global Test Market India: Global Test Market is also available for Indian members but they send very few surveys. If you like to join you can join global test market survey panel as well.

We will add more Indian survey panels as they become available. Apart from these 3 no other survey panel is worth to join. Some of them charge money to join and others don’t pay once you reach the minimum payout.

Also, I would like to make sure that by taking surveys you will not be rich. So don’t believe if anyone or any website says so. There are plenty of scam sites that are promoting online survey jobs to get rich but they are nothing but pure scam.